holiday gift guide: procrastination edition

by meredith on December 25 @ 12:01 am


I am the last person who can be judgmental that you have waited until 11pm on xmas eve to get something for everyone on your list, so here’s some ideas for other procrastinators like me.

* * *

Tiny Gingerbread Houses (for your mug) from Not Martha.


When in doubt, bake. And these little mug topper gingerbread houses could quite possibly win the Most Adorable Mug Accessory award this year. recipe here.

* * *

DIY Bubble Wrap Calendar


If you hadn’t spent so much time procrastinating, you could have skipped the work and bought one of these for $22, but here we are, xmas eve and you will just have to grab some of your leftover bubble wrap and get started making your own.

* * *

DIY Potpourri


Give your friends with babies or pets the gift of good-smells – this gift recipe seems incredibly simple and I know these scents go perfectly together.

* * *

Make a Paper Wallet


I have made many a paper wallet in my day and they are far far sturdier than you might think.  Takes 5 minutes and you could draw a dinosaur or a space ship or a peanut, whatever, on the top – to personalize.

* * *

Wrap *anything* in a Piñata


Seriously, grab a can of creamed corn from your pantry, a pair of your own socks that still look relatively new, a live wasp nest, anything at all - stick it in a piñata and it becomes an instant awesome gift. Big discount stores (any of the __-marts) tend to stock them year-round and tend to be open on holidays.

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  1. oh, a live wasp nest?! just what i always wanted! ;) you funny

    Comment by liz — December 25 @ 2:12 am

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