by meredith on May 13 @ 1:59 pm

Hi hello, so I recently discovered the craft-tastic website “Ikea Hacker” and it is giving me hope for creativity and unique-snowflakey-ness in a world full of unfinished pine and a preposterous swedish-meatball-to-person ratio.

here’s my rant:

In my 6-plus years living in and visiting lotsa NYC 20-something-people’s apartments, ikea‘s brand lexicon has infested my subconscious. I want to kick myself in the face with smelly soccer cleats every time I accidentally say things like “oh I love your new living room, I didn’t know you could get the poang in periwinkle!” or “you are right, it would be nice if the billy shelves could come with a more leksvik finish.” etc.

my point is that if I have to see identical design everywhere I go*, it would be rad if folks gave their ikea-loot some pieces of flair, and ikea-hacker has lots of great ideas.

here’s how I turned my $13 pine “fira” mini-chest into my very own sparkley-disco-drawers:


  • 1 ikea fira mini-chest
  • chrome aluminum spray paint (the can says it’s for cars, but whatever.)
  • sea-mist wood stain (or whatever color, really – I mean EVERYTHING goes with sparkley)
  • polyurethane clear gloss sealant (or something similar)
  • those sponge-y foam paint thingers
  • sand-paper
  • ignore the steel brush in the photo below. I had orginially thought that I would distress the wood to make antique-looking disco-drawers, but not only was that absurd, it also made the most irritating noise ever in practice.


  1. sand the wood lots and lots, and wipe off all the sandy-bits.
  2. take out the drawers and set aside, paint the base with your wood-stain following the directions on the can. Do this as many times as it takes to get the shade you want.
  3. then open your window, shake up the chrome spray paint can a whole lot, hold each drawer outside your window and spray it with paint on every side. DO NOT spray paint in your house, unless you would like silver spots on your floor, and an intense paint-fumes-headache. Set your drawers somewhere to dry.
  4. Seal it with the polyurethane, let it dry and you are done. wooooo.
  5. then fill it with your treasured items, like polaroid film and bunny ears.

*yes, I am prone to hyperbole.

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  1. Holy shit! When did you get Perfection the board game! I’m sooooo playing when I come up next.

    Comment by your brother — May 13 @ 5:05 pm
  2. no home is complete without perfection & don’t-break-the-ice.

    Comment by meredith — May 14 @ 9:47 am
  3. FABULOUS!!! I’m going to do this immediately! I have the drawers already and an industrial style work room and the wood was off-putting.


    Comment by Faith — May 29 @ 10:56 am
  4. hey faith! take photos and post the link – I’d be super jazzed to see how yours turn out!

    Comment by meredith — May 29 @ 11:03 am
  5. [...] instructions and more pictures on her [...]

  6. Amazing! I’m excited to try this with mine, the wood feel is really not doing it for me.

    Comment by Angela — September 24 @ 1:07 am

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