and speaking of giant bunnies…

by meredith on September 15 @ 6:00 pm


… I saw the above giant carrot on the wooster collective today, and if it were possible to marry a work of art and buy a starter home with it and spend hours together on our porch sipping ice coffee and watching the rain, I would do it with this carrot-tree (found in antwerp belgium).

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Take Your Passion, Make It Happen

by meredith on September 11 @ 10:12 am

Dear The Internet:

For the next minute, quit all your worryin’ and imagine napping on the belly of a plush, pink rabbit-mountain in the alps, overwhelmed by both its familiarity and its majesty.  Thanks to the Gelitin art collective, you can TYPMIH:


here’s the rabbit from a plane:


here’s the original artwork:


The rabbit-mountain (which can be view from space) will be on exhibit, and decaying, in the Alps near Artesina, Piemont, Italy until 2025.

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italian nose stacks and chicken funerals

by meredith on September 8 @ 2:30 pm


Yes, I know, I want nose-stacks on my wall too.  The above mural, by italy’s Blu, is part of the 2nd annual FAME festival in grottaglie, italy.  (called “FAME” to play on the different meanings of the word in english and italian, more here.)

After checking out all the artwork in progress on their site, I plan to immediately start accepting donations for the “Send Meredith All the Way to Italy” (or SMAWI) fund to witness this citywide-embeautification first-hand.  I’m particularly swoony over the following:


(above: italian artist erica il cane’s funeral for a chicken he painted in last year’s festival that was removed by the city.  more here.)


(above: UK artist Slinkachu’s little people art)


(above: more by Blu, part of another mural-animation – you may have seen Muto already, and if you haven’t, you really really should.)


(above by Spain’s Sam3)

Beat13 / Lucy McLauchlan – Fame Festival 2009. from Beat13 on Vimeo.

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that’s like so medioxumate

by meredith on September 3 @ 11:49 am


By decree of Oxford English Dictionary’s Save the Words campaign, I am now the new foster mom of the endangered word “Medioxumate”.

Medioxumate: (adj.) Descriptive of gods of intermediate rank existing between heaven & hell.

A few medioxumate dieties of yor:

  • Robigus: Roman god of mildew
  • Yakushi/Jizo: Japanese god of toothache (see below)
  • Spiniensis: Roman god of thorns


(photo credit)

Do check out OED’s “Save the Words” Campaign, little quibbleism and isangelous are still waiting for homes.

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