book houses. for you.

by meredith on February 2 @ 9:58 pm

frank halmans must have a very sharp x-acto knife. or lasers maybe. either way, it’s magical.

via design boom

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I couldn’t *not* share this.

by meredith on March 21 @ 4:40 pm

it being so very very relevant here:


from illustrator Aled Lewis, who’s Toy Story series is basically on every blog ever today.  I saw it on Junk Culture first.

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a little pearl person helps me break the silence

by meredith on January 25 @ 2:56 pm

well hello little pearl-person brooch:

j’adore. put her on your cardigan, here.

(thank you to swissmiss for sharing).

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dear santa

by meredith on November 28 @ 10:34 pm

Christmas just won’t feel complete until I have a Tactical Air Initiated Launch (aka. TAIL) system with Battelle-designs innovative grappling hook technology.


Also, wool socks.


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by meredith on April 30 @ 6:21 pm

I have fallen in love with DEM, from Milan, who has created crazy amazing (hows about “cramazing”) murals for the “Breakin’ the Wall” project in Wrocław, Poland – in celebration of street art post-1989.





More about DEM (and video on this project) on

And on DEM’s flickr are even more supersurreal stuffs:


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monsters that walk the earth

by meredith on April 16 @ 1:55 pm

Oh that I could be in Milan for the 2010 design week such that I might lounge within my very own elasticky-plush Monster chair (by Pieke Bergmans and Innofa/Stretch textiles).


more monsters in milan on core77

And just because it’s Friday, here’s another:

Doesn’t this darling yeti shadow puppet from owly shadow puppets make you want to bust out your gamelan set?


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